• The Janus Henderson Group Share Registry will be able to provide the details of your current holding. They will ask for your shareholder identification number, surname and postcode.
  • Former Janus stockholders will each receive from the exchange agent instructions on how to surrender their book-entry shares in exchange for the merger consideration/ their Janus Henderson stock.
  • Computershare Inc., is the exchange agent.
  • CHESS stands for Clearing House Electronic Subregister System.

    CHESS is the Australian Securities Exchange's electronic transfer and settlement system.
  • CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs) are a way of allowing securities of companies incorporated outside of Australia to be traded on the Australian Securities Exchange.
  • CDIs afford shareholders all the same direct economic benefits as ordinary shares, like the right to dividends and the right to participate in rights offers.
  • The Depositary Nominee is CHESS Depositary Nominees, a subsidiary of the Australian Securities Exchange.
    If you hold CDIs, this company holds legal title to Janus Henderson Group shares on your behalf.
  • As the new Janus Henderson Shares are listed on the NYSE, Henderson shareholders who held share certificates for their Henderson shares may find that holding and trading Janus Henderson Shares directly involves US market practices and formalities that may be unfamiliar to them. In addition, dealing with the Transfer Agent (the equivalent of a registrar in the UK) in a different jurisdiction and time zone may prove inconvenient in certain circumstances.

    Janus Henderson has arranged for Computershare, the “CSN Nominee”, to provide the Janus Henderson “CSN Facility”. Computershare will act in the UK as nominee and trustee for holders of Janus Henderson Shares who are resident in a CSN Permitted Jurisdiction.

    Each holder in the facility will receive a statement of entitlement from Computershare detailing their holding and explaining how they may deal in their new Janus Henderson Shares through the Janus Henderson CSN Facility, including details of ongoing services and details of the special dealing facility, where eligible.
  • Janus Henderson Shares are no longer able to be transferred or settled directly through the CREST settlement system.

    For this reason, Henderson entered into arrangements to enable Henderson Shareholders to hold, and settle transfers of, new Janus Henderson Shares in CREST in the form of Janus Henderson Depositary Interests (DIs), each representing an entitlement to one underlying new Janus Henderson Share.
  • A Depositary Interest (DI) is a legal structure that allows an entitlement to shares to be settled and be capable of being held and transferred within the CREST system.
  • A DI represents the right to a share with, to the extent legally possible, the same rights and entitlements as a registered shareholder. DI holders are beneficial holders rather than registered holders of shares in a company.

    Computershare was appointed to provide the DI service to Janus Henderson and as the Depositary of the DI service. Computershare has appointed one of its entities as custodian to hold Janus Henderson shares on behalf of DI holders.

    The Janus Henderson DIs are created and issued under the terms of the “DI Deed”, which governs the relationship between the Depositary and the holders of Janus Henderson DIs. The Depositary issue DIs to participants and register them in the CREST system (on a 1 for 1 basis with the Janus Henderson share held by the custodian) so they can be transferred to the holder.

    New DI holders receive a credit to their CREST account showing their holding in Janus Henderson.

    DI holders can request cancellation of their DIs and request to hold an underlying Janus Henderson ordinary share at any time.

    Kindly note cancellation is subject to a charge.
  • Yes – as a DI holder you have the same rights as holders of ordinary shares so far as possible in accordance with applicable law and the terms of the DI Deed.
  • DRS is a method of recording entitlement to Janus Henderson Shares in Janus Henderson’s records without the need for a physical share certificate to be issued.
  • Yes – shares held in DRS have all the traditional rights and privileges of shares held in certificated form.
  • For more information about dividends, please go to our Dividends page.
  • The Board of Janus Henderson Group will declare dividends in US Dollars. Dividends will be distributed to shareholders in US Dollars, Pound Sterling or Australian Dollars.
  • Under current UK legislation, Janus Henderson is not required to withhold UK tax at source from dividend payments made on Janus Henderson shares, irrespective of the place of residence of Janus Henderson shareholders or their particular circumstances.
  • No – so long as section 7874 of the Code is not applicable to the company, Janus Henderson will not be required to withhold US tax at source on dividend payments.
  • A class ruling was obtained from the ATO and this can be found on the ATO website.