Annual Reports & Proxy

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Annual Reports & Proxy

2019 Annual Report

2019 was a year of significant accomplishment for Black Hills Corp. Our engaged team delivered solid financial performance and positioned the company for sustainable, long-term growth. Financial results were strong with earnings, as adjusted, up 9% compared to the prior year. Adjusted earnings per share were $3.53* for the year — near the upper end of our guidance range for 2019. Our per share adjusted earnings were flat compared to 2018, off-setting dilution from the conversion of equity units in late 2018 and new shares issued in 2019.

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Black Hills Corp. celebrated a milestone that is particularly meaningful for us — 135 years of providing essential energy to our customers — ensuring the strength and vitality of hundreds of towns and communities across our eight-state region through the safe and reliable delivery of electricity and natural gas.

2017 Annual Report

Our 2016 acquisition and rapid integration of SourceGas has been a great success, leading to outstanding performance and solid financial results in 2017.

2016 Annual Report

Black Hills Corp. experienced another outstanding year in 2016 as we executed on our strategy to serve our customers, operate our businesses safely, reliably and efficiently, build a supportive work environment for our employees and create value for you, our shareholders.

2015 Annual Report

Stronger together. That was our mindset in 2015, a banner year for the company’s longterm growth strategy and a year that positioned us for strong future growth.

2014 Annual Report

This long-term strategy produced remarkable growth for our company during the past five years.

2013 Annual Report

This long-term strategy produced remarkable growth for our company during the past five years.

2011 Annual Report

For 128 years, our customers, employees, shareholders and communities have relied on us to improve their lives with energy. In 2011, our employee team did just that — whether we were delivering natural gas to heat a cup of coffee in the morning, providing construction jobs for workers building our power plants, or paying dividends to our shareholders.

2010 Annual Report

The work we do at Black Hills Corporation often happens far from the spotlight. As a diversified energy company, our job is to support our customers as they go about their daily lives — whether they’re heating their homes, switching on lights or delivering energy produced by our non-regulated business units to serve their own customers.

2009 Annual Report

This past year was one of tremendous change and challenge for the global economy, for the energy industry and for Black Hills Corporation.