Board committees

Janus Henderson views good corporate governance as essential to achieving the goals of the organisation.

The Janus Henderson Group Board comprises a Non-Executive Chairman, a Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, one Executive Director and seven other Non-Executive Directors. The Board has delegated specific responsibilities to four standing Committees of the Board. A copy of the matters reserved to the Board is included below, together with the terms of reference for the Committees.

Schedule of matters reserved for approval by the Board
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Board Committees and Governance Documents

Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Risk Committee
Richard Gillingwater CC
Glenn Schafer
Richard Weil
Kalpana Desai
Jeffrey Diermeier CC
Kevin Dolan
Eugene Flood Jr. CC
Lawrence Kochard CC
Angela Seymour-Jackson
Tatsusaburo Yamamoto
CC= Chairperson
= Member