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Regulatory Disclosures

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CIT Group Inc. Reports of Condition and Income, or call reports, are filed quarterly with the Federal Reserve Bank and are available for you to view online or to print. To view them you will need to go to the Federal Reserve System Filings website.

Click here to continue on to the Federal Reserve System Filings. Select call\TFR in the reports section and type in CIT Bank in the Institution Name section.

Click here for the Bank Holding Company Performance Report (BHCPR), Consolidated Financial Statements for BHCs (FR Y-9C), and Parent Company Only Financial Statements for Large BHCs (FR Y-9LP).

You are provided hyperlinks to third-party websites. CIT Group Inc. does not maintain or provide information directly to these sites. You may enter information at the sites, which enables you to view and download filings for CIT Group Inc.

CIT Group Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to the information contained herein and takes no responsibility for supplementing, updating, or correcting any such information.